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5 Ways to Unlock Your Networking Potential

Updated: Jul 16

If you can't get past that uncomfortable feeling of walking into a group of strangers at business gatherings, here are 5 ways to unlock your networking potential and show up with purpose at your next business gathering:

Get Clear On Why You Want to Network:

Is it to learn from other business owners? Improve your own mental well-being through connection with others? Grow your sales? Find new clients or referrals? Your goal will help you to select the events that are right for you and your goals.

Choose Networking Events that Fit Your Business:

Find your ideal networking event by speaking to others who have attended or scanning past events on the organization’s social media and/or web site. Take note of who attends their events, the way they engage their attendees, the value they deliver, how they create opportunities for equity, diversity and inclusion, and what attendees are saying about their experience.

Show Up Ready to Share Value:

Rather than just looking for ways others can serve you at networking events, why not listen actively to spot the ways you can add value to their efforts? This might be resource sharing, creating an introduction to another business owner, sharing a business approach that’s worked for you, or simply offering a word of encouragement.

Decide What You Want to be Known For:

Lead with a concise explanation of what you want to be known for when asked the question, “Tell me about yourself.” This can go a long way to creating clarity about what your business is all about.

Follow Up after Every Event:

This one can get away from us when we get busy. I like to block an hour the morning after a networking event to follow new contacts on LinkedIn and social media. I often follow up with a personal message as well, and, in some cases, an invitation to set up a coffee chat to connect with them further.

By implementing these strategies consistently, you can unlock your networking potential and open doors to new opportunities, collaborations, and personal growth in your business.


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