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Hi, I'm Kerry! 


People often don't believe me when I tell them I'm an introvert.

The truth is that even as a kid, I would turn bright red whenever I was uncomfortable or had to speak in front of a group.

That discomfort led me to avoid large groups of strangers, which meant that when I became a business owner, I missed out on valuable opportunities.

Over the years, I encountered many female leaders who inspired me to move beyond my comfort zone and value my own voice.

Today, I create unique learning and connection opportunities for women through online and in-person events, Masterminds and one-on-one business mentorship.

Knowing that 40% of any group I work with identifies as an introvert, my goal is to make connection-building easier and more enjoyable for everyone

I have now hosted hundreds of events for thousands of attendees, and am always looking for fun and creative ways to bring women together for the purpose of creating personal and business growth.

As a kid, I had a deep-rooted need to belong. And that need for belonging doesn't go away, even after we become adults.

So every time I hear one of our event attendees say they feel seen and heard, I high five that little girl I used to be.

Because there's room for all of us to be ourselves and connect with others in a way that feels authentic and joyful. Let's do this!

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