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A NEW Mini-Class Designed for You!



Click above to download this 35-minute mini-class to help you get started on your story brand journey. Download once and watch multiple times!


Kerry Winter5.jpg

Hi, I'm Kerry, the founder of PowerHER Platform and the host of the Power Your Platform Podcast.

I can't wait to dive into this mini-class with you!

Together, we'll explore what a story brand is, what it takes to turn "aha moments" into story fuel, how to overcome the 3 main story blockers, and the secret to getting started, even before we're ready.

Get a glimpse of what it's like to work with a Story Coach PLUS join the hundreds of women speakers, entrepreneurs and leaders who are building bold story brands through PowerHER Platform.


Are you ready? Let's do this! 

(To get started, click on the video image at the top of this page.)


"Your mini-class could not have been better timed for me! It absolutely spoke directly to me tonight! Thank you so very much for this information. You truly do have a gift and I value your experience.” ~ Kathy Fowler, Graphic Designer

"This mini-class was awesome and really helped me focus in on what I want my brand to be!" ~ Amber Topp


"Kerry has a way of breaking down information that makes it exciting and easy to digest. She makes you want to tell your story!" ~  Jenny Chandler, Girl, You Deserve More

"Kerry is a Master at helping you find focus and hone into your niche. She helped me launch my brand in a matter of weeks and continues to bring focus and ideas to my venture. She is worth her weight in gold." ~ Julia Van Huizen, The Gratitude Rebel

"This session was exciting and inspirational. Thanks for all the tips you gave us!" ~ Geraldine MacDonald, Lumii Films 

"Kerry is a skilled storyteller and teacher. Her class helped me create the roadmap I needed to mesh my story narrative and facts into an authentic and compelling communication style with my audience." ~ V. Ophelia Rigault, REAL Talk with Ophelia Rigault

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